shypr is your shipping platform 

Shypr is a shipping platform that connect senders and carriers within In Saudi Arabia in an online marketplace to digitalize shipping experience allowing senders to effortlessly ship orders. Through Shypr, you can view the offers of our shipping partners through easy and simple steps.



How it’s works


  • Select your shipping destination in Saudi Arabia
  • Choose your weight category
  • Choose your shipping preferences such as:
  1. Do you want to drop off your shipment in nearest carrier location or you want him to come pick it up?
  2. Do you want your payment method to be cash on delivery or prepaid shipping?
  • Shop for your shipping label among growing list of partners that have many shipping options that will suite your needs
    • Choose the right price for you
    • Choose your best delivery time
    • Choose your prefer courier
  • Just add the necessary details of the receivers:
      • City
      • Address
      • Phone Number
  • Place your shipping label order
  • View / Download you shipping label details in PDF format
  • Your shipment will shipped as soon as possible once place your order
  • Operations invoice is issued
  • The amount of the invoice is transferred to the bank account
  • Upcoming payment options will be added


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mobile: 0559768801

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Other inquiries

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We thank you for your interest .. Shypr team